Nail Foils Nail Art Transfer Foil Stickers Laser Flower Color Adhesive Sheet Stickers Paper Starry Sky Stars Black White Lace Design for DIY Nail Art Decoration

Safe Nail Art Foils: Nail art transfer foils are made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, please take it easy, the transfer foils are suitable for most skin types, with the appropriate application method, you can create lovely nail art at home
Various effects: Duufin nail art foils can create various charming nail art effects, aluminum foil transfer stickers will create a shiny laser effect, bring you shiny nails, flower and leopard foil stickers that will create a sweet and intellectual nail art effect
Easy to use: Press the foil sticker on the nails after applying the nail glue, you can get a beautiful manicure design in just a few seconds, the nail foil transfer stickers can be used on both normal polish and in UV gel, even beginners can get a perfect nail design in minutes
WIDE APPLICATIONS – Duufin Nail Foil Color Foils can not only be used on nails to create a “mixed metals” finish for any polish color (the eye-catching color base such as black or dark colored nail gel it will be better), it can also be used as beautiful decorations. for phone case, glasses, DIY card, body art, etc.

1. Choose your favorite pattern foil sheet and cut it to fit your nail size;
2. Peel the backing film off the sheet carefully;
3. Apply the nail transfer foil on your nail with its rounded edge against the cuticle and then gently press over the entire surface;
4. Fold the extra foil sticker over the top of the nail and file the extra part on the rough side of the file;
5. Finish with top coat for longer service time.

Warm notice
If the nail foil transfer sticker did not stick completely, please try to stick it a little more or use a nail pressing pen.
Make sure the nail polish or base coat is almost dry (at least 3 minutes) before applying the stickers.

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