Professional LED Nail Lamp for Gel Polish Polygel Nail Extension with Sensor and 4 Timers

♥ HIGH DUAL POWER TO SAVE CURING TIME: 86W UV LED Gel Nail Lamp offers up to twice the curing speed of a standard UV nail lamp. Easy working for extra hard gel and very effective hardening of your gel nails. Long press the double power button to switch from 86W to 54W for lower consumption but also fast curing
♥ FLAWLESS CURING WITHOUT DEAD ZONE: Compared to common 36pcs lamp beads, 42pcs full coverage lamp beads ensure your nails dry evenly and quickly. A fairly larger gel nail lamp with a removable base can fit both hands at the same time and be easily applied to the nail. Soft and harmless purple light does not harm the eyes and protects the skin from dark
♥ 4 TIMER AND MOTION SENSOR FUNCTION: Smart gel polish nail lamps with automatic sensor for on / off without pressing any button. 10s / 30s / 60s / 99s timer settings to better cure each layer of nail gel according to your DIY needs. Digital display screen to display the exact drying time, making your drying process more visible and clearer
♥ PERFECT FOR ALL NAIL GELS: New advanced dual UV / LED light source technology makes the gel lamp work with all kinds of nail gel, such as UV nail gel, nail gel, LED nails, nail gel, nail sculpting gel, rhinestone gemstone glue, top coat and base coat for nail gel. And please note that the UV LED nail lamp CANNOT dry out ordinary nail polish
♥ NOTICE: The function of base coat and top coat is different. Improper use of these will cause the nails to dry out. Please smooth and clean your nail bed before applying base coat, then cure with 30s. After you finish your artistic design, remember to apply the top coat and then dry at least 60 seconds to prevent the nails from sticking. For more details, please see the instructions of our gel nail lamp

Quickly dry your nail gel without damage
• Double high power:

The maximum power of 86W saves 50% of the drying time compared to the average nail lamp.

Long press “Dual power” button to switch to lower power of 54W. “Dual power” button is only available after pressing time setting button.

• Overheating protection:

99S painless mode with heat dissipation hole design

the output power will gradually increase, keep constant after reaching a certain value, the light will be brighter after 10s and 50s, harden your gel without any pain or burning sensation.

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