Rose Gold Chunky Glitter Mix – Dynamic Nails System Houston TX 77279

Glitter Nail Polish Powder – Dynamic Nail Supply Shop Houston TX 77252

Product featured: 

  • Perfect for nails art design, mixing with acrylic powder or dipping powder, body, slime, or for bath bombs.
  • Easy and convenient to use. Beautiful glitters for Hair-Specialists / Beauty-Specialists / Nail-technician or home DIY.
  • Dynamic Glitters have high luster and color retention.
  • Great to mix with other Dynamic color acrylic & dipping nail powder to create a custom hue.
  • Our glitter powder adopts cosmetic grade non-toxic material. Suitable for all skin types

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  • Dynamic Nail SupplyManufacturer of acrylic and nail dipping powder.
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Rose Gold Glitter Dipping Powder

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Glitter Nail Polish Powder

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